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By September 25, 2015O Catering
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Welcome to our new O Catering blog! Here you will find out about our events, inspirations, recipes, helpful tips + ideas and hopefully solutions for all your catering questions! Thanks for taking the time to find out a little more about us and our culture.

O Catering is the caterer of choice for many successful companies and organisations around Auckland. So why do these savvy business people and organisations choose O Catering? We’ve pulled together a list of four key attributes you should look for in a caterer and, from what our clients tell us, we deliver on these in spades:

  1. Sound track record: ensure your chosen caterer has a depth of experience catering the type of event you are planning.  Whether the catering be wedding catering, corporate catering, a cocktail party or a business lunch, ensure your caterer has managed these types of event before (and more than once before!) Ask the caterer to give you examples of similar events they have catered in the past and to provide you with testimonials from happy customers. Check out the caterer’s website for a description of their track record and for customer feedback.
  2. Quality fare: a caterer’s food choices should be fresh, interesting and varied. If you’re paying good money to have an event catered, the food you offer to your guests should be better (in terms of taste, variety and appearance) than what you could arrange or prepare yourself.  When putting on any event, you’re likely aiming to please and impress your guests. Check out the caterer’s website for images of their food.  If your event is a big one (say for 100+ people) ask if your caterer can provide you with samples of their food – try before you buy!
  3. Adaptability: ensure your caterer is well-placed to deal with all applicable dietary requirements which might include vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free guests or guests with nut or other food allergies.  Ask for a list of menu choices for those with special dietary requirements.  Ensure you have a clear understanding at the outset of how flexible your caterer is in terms of numbers of guests changing (upwards or downwards) at the last minute.  And what about holding an event in a quirky or informal venue (perhaps on a beach, in a park or at someone’s private residence) – does your caterer have the equipment and the expertise and experience to manage such an event smoothly?  How about working to a tight budget – is your caterer able to specifically tailor a menu for you and your special event (rather than sticking slavishly to a standard, “one-size-fits-all” menu)?
  4. Transparency: look for a caterer who is able to give you a clear, all-inclusive and easy-to-understand estimate for your event upfront, detailing any deposit that is required and the due date for that deposit. Their invoicing should also be detailed enough to meet your record-keeping requirements. You’ll likely have quite a bit of discussion or email correspondence with the caterer to settle on menu choices and confirm all details relating to an event – make sure you’re dealing with a responsive person at the end of the phone or email who answers your queries comprehensively and promptly. 

O Catering is consistently focussed on demonstrating the attributes noted above – why not give us a try when you next need some catering? We’d be delighted to assist!